About Us

Meet Sam, the beautiful chocolate Labrador, he had the best personality a dog could have, he was funny, clever (when he wanted to be), clumsy, very silly and just loveable. I've had dogs in my family for the last 25 years, but Sam was the first dog that I owned with my husband and children.

Sam is the reason for this business and the reason we want to do much better with our newest addition, Oscar. 

Sam passed away in 2018, a couple of months before he turned 13, people may say this was a good age for a lab and some might argue that it’s a great age for a chocolate lab because in general, Labrador’s live to the average age of 12yrs, whereas chocolate Labradors live to the average age of 10.5yrs. Unfortunately for Sam, although he was very much loved and lived a very happy life, he didn’t live a healthy one. He suffered with hip dysplasia from a puppy, and he had ear infections his whole life due to atopic dermatitis caused by allergies.

Back when Sam was alive, we didn't really know much about dog allergies, and we certainly didn't know that food could have been one of the causes of them. Sam had lots of tests, but food was never really mentioned by the vet and there was no gluten free/grain free/hypoallergenic food etc that we were at least made aware of. His illnesses meant that his life consisted mainly of vet and hospital visits as well as lots of different procedures and our pet insurance had paid out £7000 before he had even turned 5 years old. 

It’s only when Sam passed and we got to speaking to other people that we found out just how common food allergies are in dogs, that made us reflect on his life and really think about what we could have done to make it a better one for him. We were determined that if we ever got another dog that we would make sure we did everything possible to make sure he lived not just a happy life but a healthy one too. 

Meet Oscar, our 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, definitely not a breed for the faint hearted. 

Every decision we have made with Oscar has involved research, more research and even more research. It is this research that has made us choose to feed Oscar on a raw diet and the reason I am studying my level 3 in canine health and nutrition, so I can ensure that every choice we make with Oscar is the right choice.

We understand that Raw food is not for everyone whether due to your beliefs, ethos, budget or any other reason, so what we want to be able to do is provide knowledge through our community group and blogs (coming soon), on how you can work with what you already feed your pet to ensure you are giving them the best chance in life to live a long, happy and healthy lifestyle. Link to Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/groups/sampets/

I have many years of experience in the pet industry, I am also a qualified pet sitter/dog walker and have a diploma in Pet nutrition, I am first aid certified and as well as studying for my level 3 I am also learning about holistic health for dogs.

Although I (Emma), do the everyday running of the business, our business is very much a family run business.

Our aim is to encourage people to make Smart And Mindful decisions that will help enrich the lives of their pet and we keep this at the forefront of our mind when choosing which products to stock.

Oscar and his best friend and pawtner in crime, Bodie!!