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Beef Bone Broth for Dogs 350ml

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  • Rich in Collagen, Supporting Digestion & Mobility: Our beef bone broth is a natural source of collagen, this provides additional nutrients to the body to aid with digestion and joints, as well as being sensitive on stomachs and keeping the gut healthy.
  • Hydrates your Dog: Keeping your dog well hydrated supports the healthy function of their organs and body. Our bone broth can be given as a low calorie treat and to ensure keeps your pets fluids up.
  • Organic Human Grade Beef Bones: Slowly cooked to create the most delicious tasting beef bone broth, from high welfare grass fed cows. It is completely human grade and has no nasties added. Free from chemicals, additives and preservatives.
  • Low Calorie Treat: Keep your dog in their best condition by giving them tasty, yet low calorie treat. This recipe is grain, dairy and lactose free, as only two ingredients are used, water and organic beef bones, making it a healthy natural treat. With only 12kcal per serving!
  • Great Support for Senior or Recovering Dogs: Great for senior dogs at it contains nutrients to support the gut and their mobility. As well as aiding recovering to dogs who have recently lost fluids through sickness, to aid them back to normal health.



Grass Fed Beef Bones (31%)Pure & Natural Water
Grass Fed Beef Bones (31%)


Energy per 100ml: 12kcal / 53kj


Moisture 96.8%

Crude Protein 3.1%

Crude Ash 0.1%

Crude Fibre 0%

Crude Fat 0%

Sodium 30.5mg

Collagen 900mg